Our commitment to help others:

Here at The Samba Shop we are dedicated to not only connecting the Australian and Brazilian markets in unprecedented ways but we are also dedicated to give back to both Brazilian and Australian communities, whenever we can. That's because we believe that business comes with a consciousness. For this reason we only source all of our products from Brazil with extreme care.

We look for non-mass production and high quality goods. Most of the samba dresses, fitness gear, samba shoes and accessories we work with are either hand made by local artists that sometimes come from struggling communities or local family businesses with small factories. 

Whilst we are giving these small business owners the opportunity to grow their business at The Samba Shop by giving them the online platform to sell their amazing products, that's just called business. Boring huh?

We can and should do more.

We will give back to their local communities in the way of charity. We will also give back to Australia because even though we are The Lucky Country, unfortunately not everyone here is that lucky. Stay tuned to understand how and take part when the opportunity is available, because it FEELS GOOD to give back. Most importantly here at The Samba Shop we are all about joy and happiness! Vamos que vamos!